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Gavin Hesterdale

New Game Set In World of Depleted: Wild Wars…

As some of you know, the World of Depleted never sleeps and it’s been the home for a number of new projects, including the Gray Eyes of Death novel.  Now it branches out into a game that shows players... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 05 June 2015 | Updates | , , , , | 0 Comments   

Day 419 Epilogue released in epub and PDF…

If you missed the hidden file for the Day 419 epilogue, you’re not alone!  However, fortunately, for you, it’s now available for free download in our Written Content Section in epub and PDF format! If it’s been awhile since... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 05 March 2015 | Updates | , , , | 0 Comments   

The Eye of Megaton

If there is a real world character that’s most like Depleted’s Gavin Hesterdale, it would have to be Hawaii’s own Bill Kennedy, who’s better known to his fans as “Megaton.” Megaton began collecting information about the end of mankind... Continue »
By World of Depleted Press | 19 March 2011 | Updates | , , , , | 1 Comment   

Secret ARG Elements and More News About Depleted

The folks at Depleted have been burning the midnight oil on new updates for our viewing excitement: While we’re still waiting to see how many fans snapped pictures of Sheri’s secret QR code today and are going to share... Continue »
By World of Depleted Press | 05 November 2010 | Updates | , , , , | 7 Comments   

The Past & Future Collide

As Gavin tries to untangle the darkest visions to date–figuring out who the mysterious N.I.R. organization is, when the Neo-Palidins will be set loose, and when the attacks before the Fall will occur–he must finally come face to face... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 23 October 2010 | Updates | , , | 1 Comment   

Gavin Peers Past The Apocalypse…

In the darkest vision to date, Gavin peers past the lawless apocalypse to a time farther in the future.  Don’t miss out on the newest installment of: The Gavin Hesterdale Journal! Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 14 October 2010 | Updates | , , | 0 Comments   

Who are the Dark Dreamers…?

Gavin Hesterdale may have discovered a way to pool resources he never knew he had as an ancient prophecy helps him come one step closer to figuring out the timeline to the end of the world!  However, now he needs... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 08 October 2010 | Updates | , | 0 Comments   

Gavin Hesterdale Discovers the War of the Ark

After nearly a month of researching the mysterious Neo-Palidins, has Gavin finally discovered their secret?  Can he use what he knows to change the future?  Check it all out in the newest: Gavin Hesterdale Journal Entry! Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 30 September 2010 | Updates | , | 0 Comments   

The Gavin Hesterdale Journal…

The brilliant Gavin Hesterdale was the investigative journalist who trained Jenna Whitmore.   A year before the Fall, Gavin had a religious experience and started having prophetic visions of the future.  He spoke of a “lawless apocalypse” and a future cataclysm that would... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 27 July 2010 | Updates | , , , | 0 Comments   

Who is Gavin Hesterdale?

The secret of Jenna’s enigmatic mentor, Gavin Hesterdale, and his amazing predictions of the Fall will begin to be revealed starting on Monday, July 19th. Only by knowing how it all began, can you hope to survive the way... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 20 July 2010 | Updates | , , | 0 Comments