The World of Depleted is a massive black sandbox that explores the dystopian universe of Depleted, a planet that has been so riven of life that only 12% of the initial population remain alive.  Unlike most post-apocalyptic worlds, the World of Depleted is one in which man’s destruction has been caused by individuals themselves, as opposed to nuclear war, robots, natural disasters, zombies, or aliens.  Now, filmmakers from across four different continents are helping to make this world a reality. 

Helmed by Jeremy Hanke of Viking Productions and MicroFilmmaker Magazine, the project will start with an official prologue in mid-2010 and an official feature film will be released in Q4 2011-Q1 2012.  At the same time, award winning filmmakers from around the world will be contributing short films that tell other tales of this world.  These short films will be posted on this site throughout 2010 and beyond.  The best films which follow the massive story arc of Depleted will be awarded “Canon” status and their filmmakers will have the opportunity to profit from their films’ success.  Films that want to be more liberal in their interpretation of the world won’t be awarded Canon status, but will still be hosted in our “Apocrypha” section, where folks can use the ideas of World of Depleted to create alternate histories and creative adjustments to the framework of the world without impacting the official World of Depleted negatively.

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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if you ever allow guest contributions on worldofdepleted.com? If not, then you can disregard everything else I have to say 🙂 If you do, then I would love to get more details from you.


    Sara Stringer

    Find me on Twitter @sarasblogging

  2. Sara,

    Yes, we do! My apologies for the much delayed response! We were transitioning web hosts last year and are currently in the process of releasing a novel in the series and coming up with some new ways for people to get involved!

    If you’d like to know more, you can email me directly at: jhanke@worldofdepleted.com


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