Secret ARG Elements and More News About Depleted

The folks at Depleted have been burning the midnight oil on new updates for our viewing excitement:

  • While we’re still waiting to see how many fans snapped pictures of Sheri’s secret QR code today and are going to share them, we have gotten a new update from Depleted’s creators about the new ARG video.  According to them, the new video content will introduce a new character from the overarching world (which will tie into a unique pre-planned storyline).  This information comes after earlier information that the video will give insight into some of the more recent Gavin Hesterdale journals.
  • Additionally, the producers have now confirmed that the ARG video will feature the debut of the first of the songs from the album: “Songs From The Fall: Inspirations for Depleted, Vol. 1″  Creators tell us they will announce the band and song title after fans have gotten a chance to view the video itself.  (As a special bonus, the first 10 fans who see the video and email the producers about it at their special contact page, will receive an MP3 of the song.)
  • While folks are waiting to get a chance to see the new Gavin video, the most recent Gavin Hesterdale Journal gives massive insight into some of the pressing questions about the past of Gavin Hesterdale, his pupil Jenna, and the mysterious Ryan! 
  • Finally, there is more news about the Depleted Gear section.  Creators had originally considered the idea of having two different vendors for products, with a more basic line of products and a more deluxe line of products.  However, they’ve abandoned that plan after finding that their preferred merchandise company had far more competitive prices than the more basic company they’d originally considered.  As such, fans will be able to go to one location and have numerous options for apparel, merchandise, and gear at almost any price point they desire.  (Plus, there will routinely be new coupons and discounts for fans who sign up on the mailing list!) Additionally, the new Depleted Gear section has now been installed into the World of Depleted website, so that fans can shop while they’re at the website!

7 Replies to “Secret ARG Elements and More News About Depleted”

  1. Awesome on all the updates and I had no issues with the Zazzle gear site – I even customized the one shirt I ordered and it came out perfect (was just off on the size but that is ok 😉

    Can not wait to hear the music

  2. Yeah, Doc, we found that Zazzle had the best overall options, printing, and shipping choices, which is why we’re using them for all of our printwork! Glad you had such a good experience!

  3. Cool. Hey, how come I can’t post an avatar picture? I liked that pic from the Gavin journal, but I can’t create an avatar here.

  4. Hey Fred, we’re trying to get that taken care of. We believe it’s one of the plugins we’re using and we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible. (Obviously, it didn’t used to be a problem, as my avatar is a custom picture.) I’ll email you when it gets taken care of!

  5. Question – in reading the press release here was a second company mentioned – who did Zazzle beat out?

  6. We had looked at CafePress, but had found that they didn’t have as many options and the pricing (which looked cheaper) was actually more expensive. With that said, we have found a manufacturer that gives more customized printing options for some things that we are going to look into for super elite collector’s edition gear.

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