Depleted Wild Wars Game Debuts Tournament in Midwest Imaginarium


LEXINGTON, KY (August 27, 2015): Jeremy T. Hanke, editor-in-chief of MicroFilmmaker Magazine, filmmaker (Depleted: Day 419), and creator of the World of Depleted Creative Community, announces today his newest project, Wild Wars–an innovative new collectible strategy card game that uses nature and science in incredible ways–will be teaming up with Louisville, Kentucky’s Imaginarium Convention for their first annual King of the Wild tournament on September 13th!

Wild Wars LogoCreated by Hanke, along with his long-time collaborator Kari Ann Morgan, and developed initially for his own family, Wild Wars is a trading card game that blends the complexities of games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone with the science of shows like Animal Planet and Bill Nye: The Science Guy! Streamlined to permit ages 7 to 107 to get in on the fun, the game uses real world animals to wage battles with friends and family, featuring abilities that come straight out of nature and card rarities impacted by the actual endangered status of the animals featured. Wild Wars is the first physical card game to incorporate ground-breaking QR code technology to permit players to learn more about the animals, objects, and food sources the cards feature as they play!

The Imaginarium Convention has been a regional creative landmark for the last few years in Louisville, with a focus on all things imaginative: from books, to films, to games. Although Imaginarium has become a major focus for novels and novelists, with guests like Tim Waggoner (Supernatural: The Roads Not Taken), Michael Knost (Return of the Mothman), Lori Wild (Twilight, Texas series), and C.S. Marks (Elfhunter trilogy), its film festival and gaming areas have also been growing. The King of the Wild Tournament will be one of the first Trading Card Game tournaments hosted at the festival.

As to the choice to host the premiere tournament at Imaginarium, Hanke had this to say:

“I love the work Imaginarium is doing to help build and encourage creatives here in the midwest and it seemed like such a fitting place for a locally created game like Wild Wars to have its tournament debut at this wonderful event.”

Saturday’s events are a group demonstration of the Wild Wars game and a getting started class at 2 PM and one at 3:30 PM in the Gaming Hall. Admission to these demos and classes are free.

Sunday’s Constructed tournament will begin at 3 PM in the Gaming Hall and will have tiers based on the special Power Star System used in the game to identify difficulty levels, including Beginner (0 Stars), Novice (1 Star), Intermediate (2 Stars), and Advanced (3 Stars). Additionally, brand new players who wish to compete may do so with the “Out-of-the-Box” pre-constructed deck event, which allows players to use their skills with one of the pre-constructed decks!

The tournament entry fee will be $5. Those who wish to purchase pre-Constructed decks may do so for $10 for beginner decks or $15 for novice decks.

Prizes include ultra-rare custom decks and dual-kingdom power cards that won’t be released until the 2016 Kingdom Collision expansion! The Grand Prize winner will be permitted to design a card that will be included in an upcoming Wild Wars expansion!

To learn more about Wild Wars, Go to:

To learn more about the Imaginarium Convention, go to:

New Game Set In World of Depleted: Wild Wars…

Choose a General and Help Battle Through the World of Depleted!

Wild Wars Alllows You To Play Inside The World of DepletedAs some of you know, the World of Depleted never sleeps and it’s been the home for a number of new projects, including the Gray Eyes of Death novel.  Now it branches out into a game that shows players of all ages how powerful nature can be in the vacuum of man!

The brainchild of MicroFilmmaker Designs, Wild Wars is a game that pits surviving generals against one another through an army of animals they’ve each helped train in the time after The Fall.  The reward is a new place to survive in and all the animals and abilities are based on real world animals and science.  While the beginner game has the player act as the general, in the advanced game, General cards represent the player and provide special abilities to the armies they command.

Choose a General and Help Battle Through the World of Depleted!
Choose a General and Help Battle Through the World of Depleted!

While the game is designed for all ages, fans of Depleted will find hidden generals they’ll recognize like: Gavin Hesterdale, Croc Graham, and Jenna Whitmore!

The game is currently available with multiple decks at DriveThru RPG.  Get more info about the game at WildWarsGame.Com.

Novel completed….

Croc PI Novel Cover
Gray Eyes of Death Cover (featuring Nara Gordon as Jade)

One month ago, the novel was completed and we moved on to the refining process. We are currently 25% through that process for draft 2 and then we’ll be getting it out to beta readers to read it and share their thoughts!

I’m very excited about the prospects of this as I really think we’ve got a strong novel and I look forward to the input from our fans!

If you’re interested in helping us with beta reading, email our affiliates with DarkestGoth Magazine at .

In the mean time, here’s a preview of the official cover image!

2014: Banner Year For World Of Depleted

Nara Gordon as Jade in the WoD Croc Graham Novel: Gray Eyes of Death!
Nara Gordon as Jade in the WoD Croc Graham Novel: Gray Eyes of Death!

A lot of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to here at World of Depleted.  Which is a good question, because it doesn’t look like there have been any posts here in nearly a year!  The reality is, we had to switch hosting servers and it turned into such a pain, that updates were backed off in the process.

Despite outward appearances, we’ve been hard at work on some entirely new content, most notably a brand new novel which tells more about Gavin, Jenna, and the entire gang through the perspective of a deadly private eye in the dark future Imperial city of Barcelona!

We’ve got some rough sample artwork to go up and are in the closing phases of writing the novel, which will eventually be packaged in a collector’s edition along with a lot of the prequel material from Depleted to take things to the next level!

To wet your appetite, I’ve included a photo of model Nara Gordon as the sultry Jade–a mysterious woman who ties into the Gavin story–and a picture of one of the key landmarks in Barcelona–The House of Spikes!


Chez de les Punxes (The House of Spikes)
Chez de les Punxes (The House of Spikes) is the home of the Black Dragon in Gray Eyes of Death



Breaking News Proving Depleted’s “Coppertop” Class…

Transferring Brain Information Is Now Possible just like WoD's "Coppertops"! (Information reported in Nature.)

Transferring Brain Information Is Now Possible just like WoD's "Coppertops"! (Information reported in Nature.)
Transferring Brain Information Is Now Possible just like WoD's "Coppertops"! (Information reported in Nature.)
Transferring Brain Information Is Now Possible just like WoD’s “Coppertops”! (Information reported in February 2013’s Nature.)

One of the core elements of World of Depleted’s D1 universe is how much it’s based on current technology set just a little farther into the future. One of the contested areas of this is in the form of the Coppertops, a group of specialized warriors and assassins with microchips embedded in their brains. These chips are specifically targeted for certain abilities, including operating micro-keyed weapons or vehicles, computer hacking, and, for some of the Severed Reaper clans, brain-to-brain communication. (The most recent example of this is being explored in the new “Croc Grahama, PI” series I’m personally writing, that deals with a protagonist who can communicate with another person via this method.)

While prior development had shown that brains can control outside computers, there had been little proof that we could actually create a chip that could cause one brain to be able to communicate with another. Well, in this month’s Nature, they have proven that this is not only possible, but already attainable. In a test at North Carolina’s Duke University, in which rats’ brains were wired to one another, it was found that one rat could effectively pass their “thoughts” on to the other rat as much as 70% of the time. (The test involved one rat seeing visual stimuli and making a choice based on that stimuli, and the second rat making choices based only on the mental input without any visual stimuli.)

But it’s not just in situations where one rat can be physically wired to another. They’ve developed a way to do it long distance. As the BBC reports:

‘One replication of the experiment successfully linked a rat at Duke with one at the University of Natal in Brazil. [Professor Miguel Nicolelis and his team at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina] foresees eventually extending the system to larger numbers of animals. “We are already building the setup… You could actually have millions of brains tackling the same problem and sharing a solution.”‘

As you can imagine, the concept is a staggering one, with many implications, which is why it’s one we’ve explored here at World of Depleted!

To read the full article reported at Nature go to: A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information

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