The Eye of Megaton

If there is a real world character that’s most like Depleted’s Gavin Hesterdale, it would have to be Hawaii’s own Bill Kennedy, who’s better known to his fans as “Megaton.” Megaton began collecting information about the end of mankind a number of years ago, starting by reposting podcasts on the subject on his own blog and then expanded to multiple boards and sites based on the notions of the apocalypse. While not exclusive to more scientific apocalypses like the one Depleted is based on (zombie rises and other apocalypses are openly discussed here, as well), there is no question that Megaton has come to be recognized as one of the experts on the subject of end of the world matters. As such, he was one of an exclusive group chosen to sign an NDA with Viking Productions to offer expert advice on certain elements of Depleted. With that said, WoD founder, Jeremy Hanke, was happy to explain that they want to make sure the World of Depleted is as based on real world possibilities as possible. 

Due to his expertise, William will become only the second person to have a World of Depleted character based directly on him. While the WoD team at Viking wouldn’t comment on what all the Megaton character will do in this world, it’s clear that there is a strong connection between he and Gavin Hesterdale. Hesterdale’s journal has already begun reflecting the interaction between the two men and Hesterdale has been spotted searching for more clues about the “Catacode” on Megaton’s Official “Post-Apocalyptic Forum.” 

When asked for more information, Megaton stated that he is planning on creating an audio recording which will be submitted for Canon status in the near future!

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