Here’s the place for all the new content that comes out of World of Depleted.  Anyone can watch, listen, or read the current content we have available.  And if you like what you watch or read, we’d love to encourage you to become a part of this creative community as a Contributor and gain entrance to the Inner Passages of Depleted.   If you choose to go through the Initiation, you’ll get access to the high quality original text, video, graphic, music, and effects content that’s displayed at World of Depleted, so you can remix it yourself for your own Depleted projects!  (To learn about becoming a Contributor and get into the Black Sandbox World of Depleted, just go to the Contributor Overview Section)

Content is split into Two Categories: Canon and Apocrypha.  Canon is officially verified and everything you see or read is verifiable part of the World of Depleted.  (The only exception to this is in music, which can be about many topics but still easily compliments multimedia and video creations in the World of Depleted.  As such, it’s given Canon status based on musical and production quality.)  Apocrypha, on the other hand, is more akin to very high quality ‘Fan-Fiction.’   It’s extremely well-created stuff that nonetheless conflicts with at least some facts in the Canon.  (Again, for music, Apocrypha rating is for music that is good, but is of rougher musical and production quality than that which is canonized.)

Currently, we’re converting our past archives into easier to navigate and consume content.  (With the exception of the Films area, which will require an internet connection, we want you to be able to download this content to consume at your leisure.) We will continue to add to this resource we create new writings, films, and multimedia!




Music (Coming Soon)



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