This is your portal to the living, breathing universe of Depleted.  Once you link to the sites within this area, you will enter the realm of the World of Depleted in either its past, present, or future.  The mysteries will unfold and the tales will stretch you to a place you may never have gone before.

Beware: it is hard to look into the face of depravity and evil of the Fall without being changed forever.   This is not a place for children or the timid.

You have been warned!   Once you pass into the Contributor realm, you can view all that you wish.  However, if you feel compelled to sign up within this world, you will be signing up as a Contributor, which will open up all sorts of opportunities for you, as well as challenges like you’ve never seen!

I hope you’re up for the challenge of helping to build the World of Depleted and being part of potentially the biggest creative franchise in human history!


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The Depleted Contributor World

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