Note: Many filmmakers who are interested in helping to contribute to the World of Depleted have been curious about our inspirations that helped us eventually come up with this world.  Post-apocalyptic worlds are nothing new, but the idea of a world in which no one is immune from responsibility and which there are no easy scape goats is unique.   As such, I thought I would give many of the inspirations that I, as a filmmaker and a writer, drew upon in this process and those I plan to utilize in the future.  Hopefully you will find it interesting!  If you’re in the process of thinking of your own contribution to Depleted, hopefully it will help get the creative juices flowing! Where possible, I’ve included links to more information or clips. -Jeremy

Musical Inspirations:

Disclaimer: The links below go to YouTube videos.   Our links do not comment on whether these videos follow the terms of YouTube, only that they currently exist on YouTube as of this update. (Whenever possible, we linked to the official band YouTube page for these artists.)

Notes: The sound of  most of these songs are very disparate, but their lyrics reveal most of how they inspire the World of Depleted and the souls that inhabit this world, so feel free to look up the lyrics if you’re curious.

“Pepper” – Butthole Surfers
“Living on the Edge” – Aerosmith
“Walk on the Ocean” – Toad the Wet Sprocket
“Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House
“Tip of my Tongue” – The Choir (written by Mark Heard) [Gavin’s Theme]
“House of Broken Dreams” – Mark Heard
“Murder In The Big House” – Chagall Guevara
“Cave In” – Owl City
“Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns ‘n’ Roses
“Satellite Sky” – Kate Taylor (written by Mark Heard)
“Treasure of the broken land” – Chagall Guevera (written by Mark Heard)
“Same Mistake” – James Blunt
“Another Day in Limbo” – Tonio K (written by Mark Heard)
“When I’m Dead” – Stabbing Westward
“The Thing I Hate” – Stabbing Westward
“Sometimes It Hurts” – Stabbing Westward
“Darkest Days” – Stabbing Westward
“Everything I Touch” – Stabbing Westward
“Save Yourself” – Stabbing Westward

Music Albums:

Songs From The Fall: Inspirations for Depleted, Vol. 1
All the Lost Souls – James Blunt
Darkest Days – Stabbing Westward

Short Films:

How to Disappear Completely


Book of Eli
The Road
The Replacement Killers
Hard Target
Dark City
The Crow
The Rock
The Matrix
The Bourne Identity
Fight Club
The Butterfly Effect
(Both the Theatrical & darker Director’s Cut)
Donnie Darko (The Director’s Cut)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Extinction
Strange Days

Video Games:

Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Series

TV Shows:

Burn Notice


The Word & Void Trilogy (by Terry Brooks)
The Genesis of Shannara Trilogy (by Terry Brooks)
The Gap Series (by Stephen R. Donaldson)
The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever (by Stephen R. Donaldson)
The Book of Revelations – St. John
The Book of Ezekiel – The Prophet Ezekiel

Graphic Novels:

Y: The Last Man

Paper RPGs:

Twilight 2000 (Discontinued)
Twilight 2013

Societies Making News:

American Society of Hematology
The MOVE Organization
Committee for Liquidation and Diverting of Computers
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Direct Quotes:

“There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
I don’t know what it is
Something’s wrong with our eyes
We’re seeing things in a different way
And God knows it ain’t His
It sure ain’t no surprise
We’re livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself from fallin’…
You can’t help yourself at all…
You can’t stop yourself from fallin’
Livin’ on the edge.”

~ Aerosmith, “Living on the Edge”

“I want to stand out in the middle of the street and listen to the stars
I want to hear their sweet voices
I want to feel a big bang rattle my bones
I want to laugh for my children
I want the spark to ignite
before they find out what it means to be born
into these times. ”
~ Mark Heard, Satellite Sky

“We wanted to blast the world free of history…. picture yourself planting radishes and seed potatoes on the fifteenth green of a forgotten golf course.  You’ll hunt elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center, and dig clams next to the skeleton of the Space Needle leaning at a forty-five degree angle.  We’ll paint the skyscrapers with huge totem faces and goblin tikis, and every evening what’s left of mankind will retreat to empty zoos and lock itself in cages as protection against the bears and big cats and wolves that pace and watch us from outside the cage bars at night. ”
~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything. ”
~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“There’s only one way to hurt a man who’s lost everything. Give him back something broken.”
~ Stephen R. Donaldson

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected.”
~ Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“If not for laughter, we’d all go insane.”
~ Unknown

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