Science News Proves The Principle of World of Depleted

Credit: Artwork by Bryan Christie Design. Image used in Science News; Vol. 182 #6.
Credit: Artwork by Bryan Christie Design. Image used in Science News; Vol. 182 #6.
Credit: Artwork by Bryan Christie Design. Image used in Science News; Vol. 182 #6.

Many people have found the notion that World of Depleted is built on–that a small series of attacks could lead to full breakdown of societal connectivity in the world over the course of a single year–to be impossible. 

However an interesting proof of the principles of World of Depleted was covered in Science News, based on a mathematical proof originating at the same time World of Depleted was being created.

A group of scientists funded by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency was exploring network theory in 2009 into 2010 and they found that behaviors shifted radically when networks were interconnected:

In their analysis of connected networks, the researchers found a type of mathematical behavior that couldn’t have been predicted from knowledge of single networks. When a node is removed from a single network, the failure tends to propagate gradually, the network coming apart bit by bit by bit. But removing nodes in a network of networks means the breakdown can occur abruptly. As nodes go offline, the system initially appears to be working properly. But all of a sudden, a threshold is reached. Lose one more node and — poof — the whole thing falls to pieces.

Although the concepts explored have especial focus on computer systems, they also note that it’s almost identical in the organic world:

A series of CNN news clips posted on YouTube highlight the vulnerability of interdependent systems. In what Wolf Blitzer repeatedly reminds the viewer is only an “exercise,” former U.S. government officials convene to respond to a simulated cyberattack. The War of the Worlds–esque report begins with a Russian computer infecting a smartphone with a virus. After jumping to other smartphones, the bug makes its way into U.S. computers. From there it crashes communication networks, which in turn take out power stations. The ensuing blackout shuts down transportation networks. Each failure leads to yet more failures as the effects of a single infection bounce back and forth between systems. Having no control over the Russian computer system and no authority to shut down smartphones, the U.S. government is powerless.

Obviously, this lends a great deal of credence to how a very small number of attacks could lead to 90% casualties in the course of a single year, as religious networks impact justice networks impact food networks impact medical networks!

The viability of the World of Depleted thesis helps remind us all to plan for the future and look to the hope that can be found even in dark times!

To read the entire article, go to: When Networks Network.

World of Depleted to be official Story Franchise for DarkestGoth Magazine…

DarkestGoth Girl: Natalie Free
DarkestGoth Girl: Natalie Free

We’re extremely excited to announce that World of Depleted has just worked out an arrangement with the group of Dark Dreamers who run DarkestGoth Magazine.  The new online magazine, which is slated to launch next month, is the first magazine to explore the lifestyle of living as a Goth, rather than just passing fads that are popular within that community.  This exploration of the driving forces that lead people to the Gothic lifestyle uncovers a truly insightful community that appreciate the hard reality and explosive creativity found within the World of Depleted!

Folks who’d like to preview the magazine ahead of time can check out the DarkestGoth Blogspot !

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Depleted: Day 419 Novella now complete…

Depleted Novella Cover
Depleted Novella Cover
Depleted: Day 419 Cover (Initial design by Craig McDaniel. Photography by Nate Eckelbarger. Featuring: Kat Carney, Eric Henninger, and Tim Smith)

Our fans have been excited about the new Contributor Beta which we’ve been working hard to get up and running.  While it’s not quite yet ready to be revealed, we are now ready to release the anticipated novella adaptation to the Depleted: Day 419 film.  For folks who wanted to know more about what drives Jenna Whitmore, you’ll now get a chance to see more of where she’s coming from, what drives her, and what connections she has with Gavin’s visions and the Neo-Palidins!  (And, if you haven’t yet seen the Day 419 film, be sure to check it out at the Viking Depleted Page or on our YouTube Channel!  )

If you’d like to read through it, you can download the .PDF right here: Day 419: Novella (PDF)

Members of the Dark Dreamer faction get a special treat, as they have access to the .EPUB version of the Novella at no charge.  If you haven’t signed up and gotten approved, you can still come and check out the Dark Dreamers and get in on some of the cool secret access that they have within the world!



The exciting Finale of Day 419 is now up!

Day 419 Finale


Day 419 Finale
Day 419 Finale

At long last, the Finale of Day 419 is now up!

If you’ve enjoyed the story so far, you can check out the exciting conclusion today!

F0r those who’d prefer to watch it without ads and all in the original format of a single piece, we have a special right now where we have dropped the price on our rental to only $.99 USD (or comparable in other monetary units)! For those who choose to rent it, you’ll get a special download of “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful.” Folks who have already rented Day 419 and choose to re-rent it to show their support, they will unlock an extra track, the special pro remaster of “Save Me” by Stacey Lux.

We appreciate all your patience with this element of World of Depleted and hope you all enjoy it!

To Watch the Serial elements or to Rent the entire film through Distrify, go to:

World of Depleted Day 419 Page

Kat Carney featured as MicroFilmmaker Cover Girl for June 1st issue…

Kat Carney Relaxed
Kat Carney Cover Image
As featured in the new issue of MicroFilmmaker Magazine.

 The stunning Kat Carney (star of World of Depleted’s own soon-to-be-released Day 419) has been chosen by MicroFilmmaker Magazine to be the cover girl for their June 1st issue.

The issue, which has a dominant issue on casting, features an article by Day 419 director, Jeremy Hanke, on casting for action films, including images of the lovely Ms. Carney from her work in Depleted as Jenna Whitmore.

To see the new issue, simply go to:

MicroFilmmaker Magazine

Interview with Depleted Founder Jeremy Hanke at Shared Story Worlds…

Shared Story Worlds’ Scott Walker recently did a full interview with World of Depleted Co-Founder, Jeremy Hanke, about the world of Depleted and what they hope to do for creative communities and shared story worlds through it!

To read the article, be sure to go to:

Shared Story Worlds Interview With Jeremy Hanke

The article will be republished in the July 1st issue of MicroFilmmaker Magazine ( ) .

1st Master for Depleted: Day 419 completed…

Speedily Finishing The First Master
Speedily Finishing The First Master
The first master concluded in a flurry of activity at Oakwood Sound Design on Thursday.

After a long mastering session at Oakwood Sound Design on Thursday, the Viking Team was excited to finish the first master of of Day 419. The first master is the second to last step in release. With the completion of the First Master, the cast, crew, marketing team, and active contributors will get a chance to preview the new film. In three to four weeks, after everyone’s minds have a chance to get some perspective, the Viking Team will sit down to make final corrections and tweaks for the Final Master, at which point the official release will be announced!

To see a glimpse of the work on Thursday, with a bit of music from new Contributor, zero-project, check out the following video which was recorded, dubbed, edited, and uploaded with an iPhone.

Super Sneak Peak: The Depleted Feature teaser (2012)…

Spec Trailer for Depleted Feature
Spec Trailer for Depleted Feature
Kat Carney Wields a gun in the Climactic Finale of the Depleted Feature.

While principle photography is not slated for the Depleted feature until 2012, we have gotten our hands on the secret teaser trailer for the Depleted feature that came out of last week’s shooting. According to director Jeremy Hanke, unlike a normal speculative trailer that has lots of elements that will change between the trailer and the final film, they specifically shot the trailer with video DSLRs that could replicate the look of the final production cameras that the feature will be shot on. In addition, careful thought was put into the different portions of the feature script that the segments were shot in, so that things would dovetail properly.

When asked if he feared that there might be some consternation amongst fans about a teaser trailer for the feature when the Day 419 prologue was not yet released, director Jeremy Hanke responded with:
“Not at all. I think our fans understand that this is a very early rough cut of the eventual spec trailer and the subsequent trailer for the final Depleted feature. Our lead actress is relocating to Los Angeles and will be returning for principle photography, so this was the ideal time for us to get some of the scenes we’ll need for the spec trailer, including one of the more difficult effects sequences. Of course, as our readers know, we were hard at work finishing the Day 419 film during shooting this and are very close to its actual release. In fact, as we were concluding the final sound design on Depleted, it became evident that there were a few clues we could give in this film that will dovetail into the Day 419 film, as well as into the upcoming feature.” He would give no more information, but I know I’m going to be looking for clues!

With that said, we present the Super Sneak Peak Teaser for the Depleted feature.

3rd Unit Photography by Lee Clements. Featuring Kat Carney as Jenna Whitmore. (Directed and edited by Jeremy Hanke.)