Depleted: Day 419 Novella now complete…

Depleted Novella Cover
Depleted: Day 419 Cover (Initial design by Craig McDaniel. Photography by Nate Eckelbarger. Featuring: Kat Carney, Eric Henninger, and Tim Smith)

Our fans have been excited about the new Contributor Beta which we’ve been working hard to get up and running.  While it’s not quite yet ready to be revealed, we are now ready to release the anticipated novella adaptation to the Depleted: Day 419 film.  For folks who wanted to know more about what drives Jenna Whitmore, you’ll now get a chance to see more of where she’s coming from, what drives her, and what connections she has with Gavin’s visions and the Neo-Palidins!  (And, if you haven’t yet seen the Day 419 film, be sure to check it out at the Viking Depleted Page or on our YouTube Channel!  )

If you’d like to read through it, you can download the .PDF right here: Day 419: Novella (PDF)

Members of the Dark Dreamer faction get a special treat, as they have access to the .EPUB version of the Novella at no charge.  If you haven’t signed up and gotten approved, you can still come and check out the Dark Dreamers and get in on some of the cool secret access that they have within the world!



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