1st Master for Depleted: Day 419 completed…

Speedily Finishing The First Master
The first master concluded in a flurry of activity at Oakwood Sound Design on Thursday.

After a long mastering session at Oakwood Sound Design on Thursday, the Viking Team was excited to finish the first master of of Day 419. The first master is the second to last step in release. With the completion of the First Master, the cast, crew, marketing team, and active contributors will get a chance to preview the new film. In three to four weeks, after everyone’s minds have a chance to get some perspective, the Viking Team will sit down to make final corrections and tweaks for the Final Master, at which point the official release will be announced!

To see a glimpse of the work on Thursday, with a bit of music from new Contributor, zero-project, check out the following video which was recorded, dubbed, edited, and uploaded with an iPhone.

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