The exciting Finale of Day 419 is now up!


Day 419 Finale
Day 419 Finale

At long last, the Finale of Day 419 is now up!

If you’ve enjoyed the story so far, you can check out the exciting conclusion today!

F0r those who’d prefer to watch it without ads and all in the original format of a single piece, we have a special right now where we have dropped the price on our rental to only $.99 USD (or comparable in other monetary units)! For those who choose to rent it, you’ll get a special download of “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful.” Folks who have already rented Day 419 and choose to re-rent it to show their support, they will unlock an extra track, the special pro remaster of “Save Me” by Stacey Lux.

We appreciate all your patience with this element of World of Depleted and hope you all enjoy it!

To Watch the Serial elements or to Rent the entire film through Distrify, go to:

World of Depleted Day 419 Page

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