Super Sneak Peak: The Depleted Feature teaser (2012)…

Spec Trailer for Depleted Feature
Kat Carney Wields a gun in the Climactic Finale of the Depleted Feature.

While principle photography is not slated for the Depleted feature until 2012, we have gotten our hands on the secret teaser trailer for the Depleted feature that came out of last week’s shooting. According to director Jeremy Hanke, unlike a normal speculative trailer that has lots of elements that will change between the trailer and the final film, they specifically shot the trailer with video DSLRs that could replicate the look of the final production cameras that the feature will be shot on. In addition, careful thought was put into the different portions of the feature script that the segments were shot in, so that things would dovetail properly.

When asked if he feared that there might be some consternation amongst fans about a teaser trailer for the feature when the Day 419 prologue was not yet released, director Jeremy Hanke responded with:
“Not at all. I think our fans understand that this is a very early rough cut of the eventual spec trailer and the subsequent trailer for the final Depleted feature. Our lead actress is relocating to Los Angeles and will be returning for principle photography, so this was the ideal time for us to get some of the scenes we’ll need for the spec trailer, including one of the more difficult effects sequences. Of course, as our readers know, we were hard at work finishing the Day 419 film during shooting this and are very close to its actual release. In fact, as we were concluding the final sound design on Depleted, it became evident that there were a few clues we could give in this film that will dovetail into the Day 419 film, as well as into the upcoming feature.” He would give no more information, but I know I’m going to be looking for clues!

With that said, we present the Super Sneak Peak Teaser for the Depleted feature.

3rd Unit Photography by Lee Clements. Featuring Kat Carney as Jenna Whitmore. (Directed and edited by Jeremy Hanke.)

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  1. Would like to see more, If you ever read some of the Peak Oil blog comments, most people would cower and die, but not on purpose.

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