Digital Secrets Edition DVD of Day 419 Now Available At Special 50% markdown

Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 with 50% discount

Your patience has been rewarded! You can now buy the Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 for 50% off retail pricing for a limited time.  For those who take advantage of this offer, you’ll receive  separate and  unique clue from Gavin Hesterdale about his whereabouts and adventures in between seasons one and two.  That’s right!  Each DVD sold will have a separate clue so, if you buy 20, you’ll have 20 different clues!

Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 with 50% discount Besides helping to encourage new content from the World of Depleted, you’ll be getting a smorgasboard of great digital extras:

3 Special Uncompressed Tracks from the Soundtrack, including two custom Remasters from Oakwood Sound Design
-The Original Sonic Sketches for Skeletons of Depleted MP3 Collection (these were the actual tracks created by David Todd Singleton that the score was sculpted around, so this gets you into the raw original mindset before the 2012 final CD)
-30 HQ Behind-the-Scenes Day 419 photos suitable for printing and framing (HR .JPG)
-3 High Rez 300 dpi T-Shirt designs (including two designs that are in both color and black and white) that are suitable for reverse printing (HR .JPG)
-10 1600×1200 HR Computer Backgrounds (HR ..JPG)
-Special Flash Video Collection of:

–Early Rough Cut of the Ending
Color Grading Comparisons of key scenes
–4 In-Depth Interviews, including lead actress Kat Carney (Jenna Whitmore), lead actor Eric Henninger (Nash Fitch), and armorer Gabe Kinerknecht.
Gavin Spy Video of Jenna Whitmore Prior to the Fall

Special Writing Collection featuring:

Day 419 Shooting Script (PDF)
–2 “Day of the Attacks” news radio scripts (PDF)
–Full Blood of Martyrs Short Script (PDF)
–The Official Day 419 Novella (both PDF and EPUB, for smart devices)
–The Official Day 419 Epilogue (PDF)

All this for only $17.49!

But hurry, as this limited edition DS-1 DVD won’t be here much longer and the 50% off pricing ends on January 15th, 2012!




New Day 419 Artwork is completed and ready to ship out…

DVD Wrap Around Cover

For folks who’ve been waiting to get their hands on the Day 419 DVD, I’m excited to state that we’ve finished the artwork up for the DVD and are in the process of mailing them off.  Shortly they will be available for purchase at and .

DVD Wrap Around CoverFor our fans, we’re excited to let you know about some really great DVD-Rom features that are included with the DVD, to give you extra bang for your buck when you put it into your computer!

Included will be:

  • Day 419 wallpaper backgrounds, plus never before seen WoD faction backgrounds
  • Digital versions of the Day 419 novella in both PDF and ePub
  • PDF of the secret Day 419 epilogue
  • High rez T-shirt designs for two World of Depleted factions
  • PDF of the secret Blood of Martyrs script
  • The entire MP3 album of “Skeletons of Depleted” by David Todd Singleton
  • Three different HQ songs from the official Day 419 sound track
  • The Shooting Script for Day 419
  • 2 Mid-Attack Radio Announcement scripts
  • The secret spy footage of Gavin Hesterdale
  • And more!

As always, I want to thank our fans and fellow contributors for your patience and enthusiasm!  We really couldn’t do our part of this without you!

Director/Writer “Depleted: Day 419”

Depleted: Day 419 Novella now complete…

Depleted Novella Cover
Depleted Novella Cover
Depleted: Day 419 Cover (Initial design by Craig McDaniel. Photography by Nate Eckelbarger. Featuring: Kat Carney, Eric Henninger, and Tim Smith)

Our fans have been excited about the new Contributor Beta which we’ve been working hard to get up and running.  While it’s not quite yet ready to be revealed, we are now ready to release the anticipated novella adaptation to the Depleted: Day 419 film.  For folks who wanted to know more about what drives Jenna Whitmore, you’ll now get a chance to see more of where she’s coming from, what drives her, and what connections she has with Gavin’s visions and the Neo-Palidins!  (And, if you haven’t yet seen the Day 419 film, be sure to check it out at the Viking Depleted Page or on our YouTube Channel!  )

If you’d like to read through it, you can download the .PDF right here: Day 419: Novella (PDF)

Members of the Dark Dreamer faction get a special treat, as they have access to the .EPUB version of the Novella at no charge.  If you haven’t signed up and gotten approved, you can still come and check out the Dark Dreamers and get in on some of the cool secret access that they have within the world!



The exciting Finale of Day 419 is now up!

Day 419 Finale


Day 419 Finale
Day 419 Finale

At long last, the Finale of Day 419 is now up!

If you’ve enjoyed the story so far, you can check out the exciting conclusion today!

F0r those who’d prefer to watch it without ads and all in the original format of a single piece, we have a special right now where we have dropped the price on our rental to only $.99 USD (or comparable in other monetary units)! For those who choose to rent it, you’ll get a special download of “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful.” Folks who have already rented Day 419 and choose to re-rent it to show their support, they will unlock an extra track, the special pro remaster of “Save Me” by Stacey Lux.

We appreciate all your patience with this element of World of Depleted and hope you all enjoy it!

To Watch the Serial elements or to Rent the entire film through Distrify, go to:

World of Depleted Day 419 Page

Day 419 DVD completed…

Extra Features

Lots of people were wondering when the official Day 419 DVD will be getting out there.  Well, we have now completed it.  While we will be reviewing additional DVD distribution options in the future, we will be selling a batch utilizing’s CreateSpace service.  This will mean that, as soon as all the stuff is mailed in and approved, you’ll be able to buy it on either the CreateSpace site or the site.  (Of course, considering the site takes a much bigger cut of profits, if you’d like to buy it from the CreateSpace site, that’d be a great help! *smile*)  We will then be setting up the official Day 419 IMDB page, as, for all practical purposes, using CreateSpace to sell your film is the most direct way to get IMDB to provide you with a page for your film, since IMDB is now owned by, as well.

DVD Cover Image
DVD Cover Image

Folks who pick up the DVD will get to see the film in its entirety with high quality audio and have access to both of the Day 419 teasers, as well as getting a chance to see and hear some of the time sensitive codes hidden in Day 419 without other distractions!  Each screen on the DVD includes part of the hand crafted sounded design we set up for Day 419, so, like the short, you can get as much from what you hear as what you see!  To reward fans who choose to purchase the DVD via the CreateSpace site or through our Distrify player, if you purchase it through either of these options you will be emailed a  copy of the official .PDF of the Day 419 Novella and, as a special treat, a .PDF of the shooting script of Day 419!

Extra Features
Extra Features

Just our way of saying thank you for all your support!


Day 419 Novella completed…

Day 419 Novella Concludes

Fans of World of Depleted who are getting psyched for the official serial release of Day 419 starting this friday can take pleasure in knowing that the Day 419 novella has now been completed.

According to writer/director, Jeremy Hanke, the novella was completed last night and will answer some of the questions that fans have already been buzzing about.  However, he went on to say, “it won’t reveal everything and, in truth, it will open up a number of additional questions about the characters.  Our goal with our arcs in the World of Depleted really is to answer questions with more questions.  The best literature of all generations does that.  It answers enough of your questions to give you the satisfaction that you’re getting deeper into the mystery, but then unveils a number of new questions waiting to be explored.  Our hope at Viking is that this new novella will provide a tantalizing connection for our fans, giving them even more roots into who the character of Jenna Whitmore is, how she interacts with Gavin, and where things may lead to in the future.”

While an official release date on the Novella have not yet been given, Hanke did confirm that a collector’s bound addition of the novella along with an epilogue to Day 419, the shooting script, and photos from the film would be published in the future.  Presumably it will also be sold along with the anticipated collector’s edition of the Day 419 DVD and/or Blu-Ray, for fans who want to get the ultimate Day 419 collector’s pack.

Additionally, during our conversation, Mr. Hanke refused to deny that there would be an official publication of Season 1 of the Gavin Hesterdale Journals, a refusal that I would interpret as an affirmative.  More on both elements as we know more!


Final touches…

Depleted: Day 419Hey folks,

As we have now finished the last touches on the Master version of Day 419, I wanted to do a more official announcement about release and how it will come out.

The pre-release date of Monday, the 17th, will allow fans to see the film in its entirety and in HD early for a $1.99 rental fee.  (Folks who choose to rent it will get a surprise bonus!)

Starting on the 22nd, we will begin making the film available on the World of Depleted YouTube page in a serial fashion.  Once a week, for four weeks, a new episode will be released.  In addition, each week, we’ll have a new podcast with behind-the-scenes information about the making of the film to go along with it.  For folks who want to purchase the Day 419 DVD, it will be released in the near future, and will include a number of special bonuses for fans of the franchise!

I appreciate all your support, both in the making of this World and in the making of this film!  We, at Viking, look forward to new ways we can help you explore new elements in Depleted!

-Jeremy Hanke
Day 419, Writer/Director



The Final Master Session of Day 419 Now Completed…

Yesterday, the final editorial viewing of Day 419 occurred with score composer David Todd Singleton at Oakwood Sound Design.  Final corrections were made on the mix based on his comments and two additional elements will be created by Singleton by Friday.  At that point, the last touches to the Master will be completed and the film will be finished.  According to insiders, the current distribution plan appears to be a serial one, with the short being broken into its five main progressive parts which will be released once a week for five weeks.  For those who do not wish to wait until all five episodes are released, there will be a rental option for $1.99 to check it out ahead of time or the option to purchase the DVD and get a higher quality version than can be currently supported online.    No word has yet been released on what the special features on the DVD will be, although there have been rumors that there may be special training on how to defend your life in the violence of the Fall.