Final touches…

Depleted: Day 419Hey folks,

As we have now finished the last touches on the Master version of Day 419, I wanted to do a more official announcement about release and how it will come out.

The pre-release date of Monday, the 17th, will allow fans to see the film in its entirety and in HD early for a $1.99 rental fee.  (Folks who choose to rent it will get a surprise bonus!)

Starting on the 22nd, we will begin making the film available on the World of Depleted YouTube page in a serial fashion.  Once a week, for four weeks, a new episode will be released.  In addition, each week, we’ll have a new podcast with behind-the-scenes information about the making of the film to go along with it.  For folks who want to purchase the Day 419 DVD, it will be released in the near future, and will include a number of special bonuses for fans of the franchise!

I appreciate all your support, both in the making of this World and in the making of this film!  We, at Viking, look forward to new ways we can help you explore new elements in Depleted!

-Jeremy Hanke
Day 419, Writer/Director



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  1. Actually, you’ll be able to do it through this site, but you can embed the player in anything you like and earn 10% commission for each person who rents (or buys) the film (or merchandise) through the player. When we released collector’s editions of the film, we’ll also allow people to purchase it through this, as well!

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