Day 419 Novella completed…

Day 419 Novella Concludes

Fans of World of Depleted who are getting psyched for the official serial release of Day 419 starting this friday can take pleasure in knowing that the Day 419 novella has now been completed.

According to writer/director, Jeremy Hanke, the novella was completed last night and will answer some of the questions that fans have already been buzzing about.  However, he went on to say, “it won’t reveal everything and, in truth, it will open up a number of additional questions about the characters.  Our goal with our arcs in the World of Depleted really is to answer questions with more questions.  The best literature of all generations does that.  It answers enough of your questions to give you the satisfaction that you’re getting deeper into the mystery, but then unveils a number of new questions waiting to be explored.  Our hope at Viking is that this new novella will provide a tantalizing connection for our fans, giving them even more roots into who the character of Jenna Whitmore is, how she interacts with Gavin, and where things may lead to in the future.”

While an official release date on the Novella have not yet been given, Hanke did confirm that a collector’s bound addition of the novella along with an epilogue to Day 419, the shooting script, and photos from the film would be published in the future.  Presumably it will also be sold along with the anticipated collector’s edition of the Day 419 DVD and/or Blu-Ray, for fans who want to get the ultimate Day 419 collector’s pack.

Additionally, during our conversation, Mr. Hanke refused to deny that there would be an official publication of Season 1 of the Gavin Hesterdale Journals, a refusal that I would interpret as an affirmative.  More on both elements as we know more!


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