The World of Depleted…

Depleted Poster, Mockup 3
Depleted Poster, Mockup 3

In 2010, Viking Productions and MicroFilmmaker Magazine started a project to unite the world. The concept was so high profile that it seemed utterly impossible. Attempting a massive film project in two of the most costly film genres in existence: science-fiction and action. Not only that, but we set out to get filmmakers from all over the globe to contribute short films, starting with hand selected, award-winning filmmakers and then opening the doors up to anyone who was interested.  

The world we created was called “Depleted:” a world that is amazingly similar to our world, but with a major difference: everything has changed through our own hands. The world has become a dystopian and depopulated one after a series of terrorist attacks led to mass paranoia, government lockdown and civil war known simply as the Fall. It didn’t require a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse. It just required mankind being what man is so often guilty of: bound to fear, hysteria, hate, and selfishness. In this dark world, people either follow a path of good or a path of evil. Because of the universality of this world, it’s been one that many filmmakers have been excited to get involved with. Additionally, it serves as a way for them to test their abilities with low-budget science fiction and action. 

In the midst of this world, we at MFM and Viking are crafting a series of films, which will begin with Depleted: Day 419, written and directed by Jeremy Hanke. This film follows Jenna Whitmore, a beautiful and brilliant former undercover journalist, who now makes her living as a papers forger in a small river town in post-Fall Kentucky. In the course of this introductory film, she’ll have to discover who she can trust if she’s to get out of her current arrangement alive!

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