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The Fall

New Game Set In World of Depleted: Wild Wars…

As some of you know, the World of Depleted never sleeps and it’s been the home for a number of new projects, including the Gray Eyes of Death novel.  Now it branches out into a game that shows players... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 05 June 2015 | Updates | , , , , | 0 Comments   

Changing Jenna’s Gun in Depleted: Day 419…

Jenna Whitmore originally was slated to carry a Glock 17, which was switched to the Beretta M9 featured in this early photo, but then was switched back to the Glock 17. Continue »

First weekend of Fight Training for Depleted: Day 419…

          Fight choreographer, Jay Kerr (featured above), led the action players of Depleted: Day 419 through a rigorous first training for the dynamic action sequence featured in the film. Torrential rains flooded Central Kentucky during... Continue »

The Progression of Depleted

As we’ve progressed forward with Depleted, we’ve begun to flesh out the elements of a Depleted feature which we plan to shoot in May, 2011. Jeremy Hanke will be writing and directing it, as well. The film will follow... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 02 March 2010 | Updates | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

The World of Depleted…

In 2010, Viking Productions and MicroFilmmaker Magazine started a project to unite the world. The concept was so high profile that it seemed utterly impossible. Attempting a massive film project in two of the most costly film genres in... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 02 February 2010 | Updates | , , , , , , | 0 Comments