Coming Soon! New Canonized Content: Shards of Glass

Shards of Glass

Many fans of World of Depleted recall the mysterious Gavin Hesterdale video of November, hinting at some pretty mysterious things involving his student, Jenna, and his covert preparations for the Fall. Of course, one of the most confusing elements of the video was the hacking of their work by an unknown operator named the “Glass Samurai.” Well, contributor Fred Koskin couldn’t get the notion out of his head. He had originally set out to craft a tale about Gavin’s son-in-law, Ryan, who’s mysterious weapons fascinated Koskin. However, according to Koskin, “all I got was a blank slate. Nothing ended up coming other than stupid stories which were nothing more than excuses for him to use his high powered guns. However, when I looked at the Glass Samurai, I found I could write something very different.”

Shards of Glass
Shards of Glass

Koskin represents one of the first writers to attempt to explore a character specifically introduced by the WoD team at Viking. He stated that he contacted the team before writing the story, explaining what he wanted to do, and explaining the elements he was interested in. According to the folks at Viking, they loved where Koskin was going (which didn’t conflict with story elements they already had in place) and were willing to provide him with a PF Date (Post Fall Date) that made sense and a location for his story to be set in. Because his work would directly impact work that Viking was working on, Koskin was required to sign an “NDA” (Non-Disclosure Agreement), but he said it was nothing that bothered him.  The only concern that he had was that he would be given too much information and have the secrets of the future ruined for him as a fan.  However, according to Koskin, “[the Viking team] tailored the information exactly to what I needed with no more info, which was cool.  That way I can help tell this larger tale, but not have it messed up by knowing too much.”

When the story was finished, it was Canonized and Viking has announced that it will be launched in the near future. Koskin did go on to say that this was only the first of a number of stories he planned around the Glass Samurai.  He cited his friend Jojo Stratton as a big influence on his choice to submit.

When asked for comment, World of Depleted co-founder, Jeremy Hanke, confirmed the new story will actually have official tie ins to the movie arch that Viking is working on as well as to the mysteries found in the ARG.  Additionally, it will reveal some exciting new factions for fans to look forward to.   He went on to state that because Koskin had involved them early on in what he was interested in, they were able to help him avoid pitfalls and give additional information .  Hanke stated that others who will do the same will find the same level of help and encouragement!

The Eye of Megaton

If there is a real world character that’s most like Depleted’s Gavin Hesterdale, it would have to be Hawaii’s own Bill Kennedy, who’s better known to his fans as “Megaton.” Megaton began collecting information about the end of mankind a number of years ago, starting by reposting podcasts on the subject on his own blog and then expanded to multiple boards and sites based on the notions of the apocalypse. While not exclusive to more scientific apocalypses like the one Depleted is based on (zombie rises and other apocalypses are openly discussed here, as well), there is no question that Megaton has come to be recognized as one of the experts on the subject of end of the world matters. As such, he was one of an exclusive group chosen to sign an NDA with Viking Productions to offer expert advice on certain elements of Depleted. With that said, WoD founder, Jeremy Hanke, was happy to explain that they want to make sure the World of Depleted is as based on real world possibilities as possible. 

Due to his expertise, William will become only the second person to have a World of Depleted character based directly on him. While the WoD team at Viking wouldn’t comment on what all the Megaton character will do in this world, it’s clear that there is a strong connection between he and Gavin Hesterdale. Hesterdale’s journal has already begun reflecting the interaction between the two men and Hesterdale has been spotted searching for more clues about the “Catacode” on Megaton’s Official “Post-Apocalyptic Forum.” 

When asked for more information, Megaton stated that he is planning on creating an audio recording which will be submitted for Canon status in the near future!

Secret ARG Elements and More News About Depleted

The folks at Depleted have been burning the midnight oil on new updates for our viewing excitement:

  • While we’re still waiting to see how many fans snapped pictures of Sheri’s secret QR code today and are going to share them, we have gotten a new update from Depleted’s creators about the new ARG video.  According to them, the new video content will introduce a new character from the overarching world (which will tie into a unique pre-planned storyline).  This information comes after earlier information that the video will give insight into some of the more recent Gavin Hesterdale journals.
  • Additionally, the producers have now confirmed that the ARG video will feature the debut of the first of the songs from the album: “Songs From The Fall: Inspirations for Depleted, Vol. 1″  Creators tell us they will announce the band and song title after fans have gotten a chance to view the video itself.  (As a special bonus, the first 10 fans who see the video and email the producers about it at their special contact page, will receive an MP3 of the song.)
  • While folks are waiting to get a chance to see the new Gavin video, the most recent Gavin Hesterdale Journal gives massive insight into some of the pressing questions about the past of Gavin Hesterdale, his pupil Jenna, and the mysterious Ryan! 
  • Finally, there is more news about the Depleted Gear section.  Creators had originally considered the idea of having two different vendors for products, with a more basic line of products and a more deluxe line of products.  However, they’ve abandoned that plan after finding that their preferred merchandise company had far more competitive prices than the more basic company they’d originally considered.  As such, fans will be able to go to one location and have numerous options for apparel, merchandise, and gear at almost any price point they desire.  (Plus, there will routinely be new coupons and discounts for fans who sign up on the mailing list!) Additionally, the new Depleted Gear section has now been installed into the World of Depleted website, so that fans can shop while they’re at the website!

The Gavin Hesterdale Journal…

The Broken Cars

The Broken CarsThe brilliant Gavin Hesterdale was the investigative journalist who trained Jenna Whitmore.   A year before the Fall, Gavin had a religious experience and started having prophetic visions of the future.  He spoke of a “lawless apocalypse” and a future cataclysm that would rend man to his very foundations.  Unfortunately, no one would listen to him.  Cut off from the rest of humanity, he became a hermit who lives in the wilderness, attempting to master the ways to survive.

His journal gives insight into the things he knew were coming and the information that can help you survive the reality of the Fall.  The ink and chalk drawings from his dreams, give a chilling look at what is to come!

Read it all in the new:

Entry to Depleted’s World!