Depleted’s Head of Marketing, Sheri Candler, Nationally Recognized…

It’s always exciting when one of your creative team is nationally recognized for excellence in their craft!  Sheri Candler, the head of Depleted’s marketing team, was placed in the Top Ten Brave Thinkers in Indie Film by innovator Ted Hope of the nationally regarded Huffington Post!

Sheri Candler
Sheri Candler

Hope had this to say of Candler:

“When you believe in something you want to share it, right?  Sheri embodies this statement like few others.  Her commitment and faith in audience and community building is contagious.  An avid user of social media, it is hard to miss Sheri in the virtual world, as she lends her voice, heart, and hand to filmmakers trying to sort out a way to connect and build the necessary bridges. Added bonus for following Sheri?  Her ideas are good and well thought out!   Last year’s Brave Thinker, Jon Reiss attests: “I met Sheri just over a year ago after I had just finished Think Outside the Box Office — where else — but on Twitter. She reached out to me, as she does with countless others, and since our first meeting has been an invaluable partner – passionate, incisive and always on the hunt for new ideas and new people that can help filmmakers (myself included) connect with their tribe and help solve the problems facing us all in this challenging time. Her tireless engagement and generosity sharing her wisdom and discoveries is a constant inspiration to me and should be to all in our community.”

To read the complete article, click here.

Our congratulations go out to Sheri for this public recognition of her outstanding mind and talent.  It is a wonderful boon to the World of Depleted to have someone of Sheri’s skills and creative outlook involved so dynamically in helping spread the word and grow this audience!

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