Depleted News: Beginning of January

New updates on the horizon from the Depleted team:

  • Score composer daVid Singleton completed the entire first draft of the score for Depleted: Day 419.   General excitement seems to be high as this crucial stage has been passed.  Still no word on the final release of Day 419, but Jeremy Hanke did say this…

“While some of the setbacks on the post-production end of things for Day 419 have been very difficult for us all, it has permitted us to further improve other elements of the film, including the effects sequences, and to refine our production and post-production workflow.  Readers of Viking’s imprint, MicroFilmmaker Magazine, can look forward to in-depth articles and tutorials about the workflow we’ve been developing.”

  • Rumors abound that new crowd participation is going to directly impact the story world of Gavin Hesterdale, and the world of Depleted itself.  So far, no one will give any specific details to this, so we look forward to hearing more in the near future!
  • Fight choreography for the Depleted feature film has now begun.  Day 419′s fight choreographer, Jay Kerr, seems to be playing an important role, although no word has come through whether he will be helming this division in the future.
  • Casting for the Depleted feature film has now been cheduled for February 19th in Lexington, Kentucky.  Actual locations haven’t been finalized yet, nor has the official call for submissions from other parts of the country.
  • Continued rumors about an official Depleted role playing game circulate, especially after the grievous news that 93 Games Studios, publishers of the amazing Twilight 2013 role playing game, were closing their doors.  Fans of this game had noticed that, while much of the backstory was very different, a lot of the real world play mechanics fit very well with Depleted.   Because of this, there has been speculation that some sort of an agreement might be able to be arranged with the Twilight 2013 creators, so that their mechanics and gameplay might not be lost.  No official word has surfaced, however.
  • Finally, fans of the increasingly popular Gavin Hesterdale journals will likely find more new secrets and information, as the journal seems primed for explosive new revelations in the very near future.  How this will connect with the ARG elements still in discussion remains to be seen!

More on this as we know it!

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