December Depleted News and Updates…

The Depleted team have plenty of new updates for us this December.
New Day 419 FX – Rather than wasting time during the recent change-up in score composer for Depleted: Day 419, writer/director Jeremy Hanke chose to use the time to create a new effects sequence that adds emotional impact to a crucial scene where the heroine follows the bullet from her gun as she fires it.  While Mr. Hanke says that he believes the final scene will indeed make the film better (as well as slicker looking), he went on to state that he is not so married to it that, if it ends up being too flashy and inadvertently distracts from the film, he will try to force it to work.  “Rest assured, though,” Hanke went on to say, “if the new sequence doesn’t make it into the released film, it’ll be part of the extra bonus features of the collector’s edition DVD set.”  You can see some of the complex work in the image below, which, according to Hanke, combines the 3D effects of Cinema 4D r12 with the video compositing of After Effects CS5.

New Special FX for Depleted: Day 419
The New Special FX for Depleted: Day 419 are being sculpted in After Effects CS5, expanding on Andrew Kramer's Bullet visual effect style.

– Day 419 Audio Work- 419’s new score composer, daVid Singleton, has been hard at work on the new score fo the film and, according to insiders, both John Howard (the audio designer) and director Jeremy Hanke will be listening to portions of the score this weekend.  Additionally, John Howard has been laboring to sculpt the sonic landscape of the short in his studio at Oakwood Sound Design, which is made extremely complex due to the fact that the conclusion of the film was shot in a warehouse.  In addition to the unique challenge of matching the sonic signature of this sort of space for the actual dialogue sequences (for which Howard is using plugins Speakerphone and Altiverb), there is the difficulties that come with a large scale gun battle (much of which is in some form of slow motion) and a knife fight.

– New Depleted Story Developers – World co-creator Jeremy Hanke has revealed that he is currently in talks with some talented writers to help assist the core development team of Depleted. While their duties may be varied, some of the early exploration would be in expanding the ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) elements and in writing fully realized short scripts that other filmmakers could direct.  For filmmakers who are interested in creating a film that is almost certain to be Canonized, doing so from a Canonized script would be a major boon.  (So far, the only officially canonized script that hasn’t been directed by Jeremy Hanke is Blood of Martyrs, which is slated to be shot in Israel by Jason Frederick Gilbert at a future date.)

-Living in the World of Depleted – After much request, the Living in the World of Depleted page has now gone live.  This page features many elements about the state of life in the world of Depleted after the Fall, which had hitherto been revealed only to a select few.  Director Jeremy Hanke states that, technically, the information in this section could already permit creatives to sculpt fully realized stories and films set in the World of Depleted that could readily be Canonized.  (With that said, he’s also exploring ways to allow talented creators to “unlock” secret canonical information which could augment their tales. )

– Depleted: Role Playing game? – While not an official Depleted role playing game, director Jeremy Hanke did state that much of the paper role playing game, Twilight 2013, could be readily modified to fit the world of Depleted. In its third iteration (this one released by 93 Games Studio), Twilight 2013 tells the tale of an apocalyptic world that has been destroyed through a cataclysmic war that has broken down the supply lines of the world and led to the deaths of billions of people.  Hanke especially suggests using the set for developers who want to create fully realized characters, “because,” he went on to say, “the advanced character generation information for [Twilight 2013] is excellent for intuitively creating the sort of flawed, multi-dimensional characters that make incredible protagonists and villains for any sort of creative tale, but are especially necessary for film.”

Twilight 2013 Partial Picture
Twilight 2013 Header. (Picture copyright 2008, 93 Games Studio.)

For fans and developers who are interested in picking this set up, 93 Games Studios is making the .PDF version of the entire set available for $10 through the holidays–as opposed to the $60 it normally retails for.  (If you’re interested in checking it out, click here.)  Although Hanke did say that the Depleted development team are very open to discussing an official Depleted expansion for the RPG, which would allow fans to have the world elements of Depleted as part of the campaign rules, he did state that those talks have not yet been opened up with 93 Games Studios.  Hopefully they will, as it would be pretty cool to be able to game in the World of Depleted in-between official chapters!  (Plus,  although the creative team will neither confirm nor deny this, I have to assume that they could also release new ARG components throug RPG expansions, which would be even cooler!)

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  1. Really liked the bullet scene (thanks again for the vid 😉 and soooo weird about the RP mention – I kinda was typing up something mentioning RP and concepts from WoD 😛 odd when bits of the universe pass each other – and thanks for the Living in the WoD – my mind decided to go play 🙂

  2. That’s our goal! As we get ready to roll out the contributor area, we want people to start seeing how it can be a fully functioning dark sandbox. A world made up of people just like you and me, but without the framework of any form of large-scale society. I’ve long believed that stories of fighting back from damaged perspectives make the most well-realized tales, so it is my hope that this world will permit people to tell tales that are innately intriguing because they hold the shards of truth in them.

    One thing I think we’ll start doing when we roll out the contributor section will be to have a section where we look at common problems in this world, and see how they have more major impact in the post-Fall world. For example, I’ve recently been dealing a lot with addiction (both in my own life and in the lives of friends), and have seen how it impacts people in a society in which what they’re addicted to is readily obtainable. How does it manifest itself when we’re cut off completely? We all know about withdrawal, at least in theory, but what happens when violent withdrawal is coupled with the need for secrecy (such as in the need to elude pursuers) or the need to defend your life? What happens when it is being struggled with during the need to use neither flight nor fight, but brainpower, such as searching for non-looted supply caches, discerning between poisonous and non-poisonous edibles, or laying a trap for food?

    The cool part is that, as creatives explore these very human areas and make compelling tales, they will also earn the ability to unlock extremely unique information that they can further weave into their tales. (This rewards people who put the most thought into making tales worth telling with secrets that folks will find additionally compellilng.)

    I haven’t had a chance to read your new fan fic, but I will in the days to come! (I will also tell any other fans who decide to start work on their own fan creations–be they stories, novels, audio clips, photos, or other elements–folks who do so early will unlock the ability to become official contributors BEFORE others and get one UNIQUE secret to interweave into a present or future creation.)

  3. I am trying the link for the RPG (where it says click here) and it says page not found… I remember getting to be a beta reader for the Ghosts of Albion RPG when it was coming out (having fallen in love with the webseries, then ARG, then published books) and hope you might be able to formalize some WoD RPG link of sorts

    We (the group I write/play with) use RP gaming for story plotting and writing – I am interested in looking at the game, plus maybe taking it to the local comic book shop that also holds gaming… might make for a hoot to see other people interpreting a depleted world…..

  4. Jojo,

    Since you’re already heavily involved with RPG experiences (as well as ARG), I would be very interested in chatting with you potentially about helping us craft these elements. If we can base them off a pre-existing framework like TW 2013 and get official connection there, that would be great. If that doesn’t work out, we might need to look at crafting something from the ground up.

    Are you in contact with other RPG groups who might have members who would be interested in helping to build such a thing?

    Let me know and we’ll chat further on this!


  5. short answer is yes!! 🙂 holiday time so a little rushed and will get back to this thought more – but I’d be interested and I can contact others – something I was toying with and need to talk to the local shop owner I mentioned as well as others – I have been following a webseries Western X and I wanted to talk to the producer of the show about setting up an event where people come and watch a few episodes of the series and then we’d play a Deadlands RPG game – I could see something cool like that for other series as well (I’ve unofficially done something like that for Ghosts of Albion – you know, just a group getting together and watching some TV, playing some games 😉

    But something that mixes different elements like that seems pretty cool to me… no idea if it is legally allowed, would be of interest to others, or whatnot, but that was a thought I had and was thinking of seeing if it could be setup and all….

    Also, my one group does play over the Internet – it is not always as easy and such as a face to face game, but it opens more doors and is another type of structure to think about.

  6. We’d definitely be up for exploring an interactive event like what you described for Western X with Depleted content, like the upcoming Day 419 release. (It might be a fertile world to collaborate to expose people to new shorts in the series, and then have them roleplay either as characters from the shorts in an expanded story, or characters that would likely be in the circle of contacts of one of these characters. In addition to helping folks quickly assimilate into the world, such roleplays could yield new stories for characters, which could be published as is or adapted to screenplay and filmed.)

    And, of course, since we’re the world creators, the different elements would be legal. *smile* I will also put in some thought about this, as we’ve got some different publicity and marketing ideas that might tie well with your desire for an interactive event! (Eventuallly, we’d even be open to looking at something like a LARP event, where folks could survive a weekend as post-Fall travelers. Perhaps a specialized wild boar hunting expedition to teach people how to survive by hunting after the Fall, including the hunt, cleaning the boars, and cooking them aftewards! Lots of ways we could go with that, but that gives you a few ideas of some of the types of interactivity we could get into, as well.)


  7. OK well I waited until today to try and get the bundle and it seems it may not be there – plus, crawling around the site’s official board, it looks like the boards are closing out – I am trying to get a copy of the game, but it looks like official support for the game is closing up perhaps

    And LARP – oooooo

  8. Jojo,

    Yes, there is a new change that’s occuring there. I was just apprised of some of this information recently from the president of the company. When I know more official information, I will update everyone here.


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