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Sidhe "Banshee" Graham may look innocent, but 3/4 of this shattermind will beg to differ!
Sidhe "Banshee" Graham may look innocent, but 3/4 of this shattermind will beg to differ! (Model: Leslie Jenkins)

As some of you know, we’re a bit behind on some of the new updates here at World of Depleted.  The transition between servers has taken a little longer than first anticipated, but we are getting very close to finishing that and re-releasing the contributor site.  It’s been completely revamped, so that you’ll now be able to create new characters and stories dynamically.  New creations will automatically enter the contributor Apocrypha section and you’ll help us choose the creations to Canonize!  Once we’ve found new high quality content through this process, it’ll enter the Canon of World of Depleted!

In case your curious to know what sorts of things you’ll be able to do with these characters and what sorts of access they’ll have, well, let us tell you, it’s pretty huge!  Your going to be able to create characters with new associations, participation in special groups with extra-human abilities, political affiliations, family members, special weaponry, and much more!  It will open the door to creation in ways you can’t imagine!

You’ll also find a new original series that will be written by me personally, a dark Private Investigator serial set in the mean streets of New Barcelona, under the very shadow of the N.I.R.  PI Douglas “Croc” Graham is a deadly man with a deadly secret who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth of a mysterious woman with stormy eyes, even if he has to cross every Reaper, Bullet Timer, and Coppertop in the Imperial City to do it!  For those of you who were fans of Fred Koskin’s work, fear not, there are connections to characters within his stories, as well as ones from the Jenna and Gavin tales!

All this and more as 2013 unfolds!

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