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World of Depleted 2013 news

As some of you know, we’re a bit behind on some of the new updates here at World of Depleted.  The transition between servers has taken a little longer than first anticipated, but we are getting very close to... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 17 January 2013 | Updates | , , , , , , | 1 Comment   

New CS6 Design Tests Some New Depleted Artwork

At the new Adobe training, I had a chance to test out the new Photoshop CS6 to create some cool new photos! For the next few days, we’ll release new specialty variations of pictures we designed here! Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 09 May 2012 | Updates | , | 0 Comments   

10 Months in Hell: The Jenna Whitmore Trade Paperback?

Fans of the Jenna Whitmore branch of the Depleted saga, will likely be excited about a secret image that’s surfaced.  While the folks at Viking are tight lipped about what might be involved, the following image was recently leaked... Continue »
By World of Depleted Press | 01 July 2011 | Updates | , , , | 3 Comments