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Gavin and other written works now available for mobile!

With some of the transitions that have happened here at World of Depleted, some of the beloved content of Depleted has been inaccessible. We have now corrected this by allowing you to access content in ways you've never... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 20 June 2014 | Updates | , , , | 0 Comments   

World of Depleted 2013 news

As some of you know, we’re a bit behind on some of the new updates here at World of Depleted.  The transition between servers has taken a little longer than first anticipated, but we are getting very close to... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 17 January 2013 | Updates | , , , , , , | 1 Comment   

The Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale…

As the pre-release of Day 419 comes out tomorrow, the Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale occured today.  As predicted, the finale gets to the brink of the Fall and, according to folks in Viking, gives clues which move forward into... Continue »
By World of Depleted Press | 16 July 2011 | Updates | , , | 0 Comments   

Rumors of the Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale…

Rumors are circulating that the Gavin Hesterdale Journal is coming to a “Season Finale.”  While nothing has been confirmed, fans have clearly been seeing the escalation as Gavin races to figure out the mysterious catacode!  In the most recent... Continue »
By World of Depleted Press | 07 July 2011 | Updates | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Has Gavin Hesterdale stumbled upon a break in the Case?

Gavin’s most recent vision is unlike any he’s ever known and may break open his search into the Lawless Apocalypse!  Check out the newest entry in The Gavin Hesterdale Journal Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 04 September 2010 | Updates | , , , | 0 Comments   

Has Gavin Found Who Ignited The Fall…?

As the investigation gets hotter and more complex, Gavin Hesterdale discovers crucial information that could finally uncover some of the initial culprits in the global events that ignite the cataclysm of the Fall! Check Out The Newest Entry in... Continue »
By Jeremy Hanke | 21 August 2010 | Updates | , , , | 0 Comments