To Check out the Day 419 Pre-Release…

Day 419 TitleHey Folks,

The Day 419 pre-release is now available for viewing pleasure.  The $1.99 rental price will allow you to watch the film through three times over thirty days in HD quality.  We chose to use the Distrify release service to release this in this manner, as it has options for a lot of scalability for additional elements for the film down the road and has a great commision option for re-posters.  Folks who would like to embed the player in their own blogs will be given a 10% commission for each person who rents it.  Additionally, because the Distrify player will allow us to link in the Collector’s edtion DVD, soundtrack, and commemorative gear associated with the film as purchasable when they become available, folks who repost the player will make commissions off all of those sales in the future, as well!

Folks who view the film will get access to a code which will lead them to the secret epilogue of the film.  Additionally, the first fifty rentals of the film will receive a free specially mastered MP3 copy of credit track, “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful,” by Josh Woodward.

With no further ado, we invite you to check out Day 419 in it’s rental pre-release at:

World of Depleted’s: Viking Productions Page



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