10 Months in Hell: The Jenna Whitmore Trade Paperback?

Jenna Comic
Special guests of the Depleted: Day 419 exclusive screening, got collector's MP3s, which featured special images as their album covers.

Fans of the Jenna Whitmore branch of the Depleted saga, will likely be excited about a secret image that’s surfaced.  While the folks at Viking are tight lipped about what might be involved, the following image was recently leaked from one of the viewers of the secret Day 419 1st Master showings.

Apparently, cast, crew, and special contributors received a special digital swag bag at this event which included secret information about the World of Depleted, as well as four songs from the Depleted soundtrack.  Each song has custom artwork, with different clues about the World of Depleted on it.  According to Jeremy Hanke and the Viking team, these MP3’s with this artwork will not be made available again, so those who received them have a cool piece of digital memorabilia.   The image in question that has fans in a state of intrigue features a cold-eyed Jenna Whitmore wielding a Beretta with the tagline: 10 Months in Hell.  Due to the stylized look, we assume that this image will most likely represent the cover of a graphic novel or comic book.

No word yet on who might be involved, although some fans have enthusiastically postulated that Frank Miller (Sin City) might be tapped to run the comic book, Neil Gaiman (Sandman/American Gods) might be tapped to write the story arc, and Dark Horse (Hellboy/Terminator/Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse) might be releasing the comic.  We were unable to find any confirmation on these theories and feel it would be safest to put this to bed along with the rumor that Ted Nugent will be appearing in the Depleted feature.

Nonetheless, there’s clearly something up with this image and we will be sure to report as soon as we know more!

3 Replies to “10 Months in Hell: The Jenna Whitmore Trade Paperback?”

  1. I was trying to be good and not spill the beans with the special swag – now that it is out, my lips are loose and fingers typing 😉 seriously – I hope this is a rumor that is not only very true, but hurries up and is true real soon 😉

    PS – thanks again for the awesome swag – I have the

    PSS – would the 10 Months maybe be a way we get to peek at some of the things hinted at by Jenna in 419?

  2. I meant to say I have the songs on my playlists and Exercising Rotation – sheesh I am having half finished thoughts

  3. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that our press department is scurrilously passing around. However, we can tell you that this seems like a logical extension of her story. As with all things, timetables and options will be largely effected by contributor involvement. (BTW, welcome back from your trip! Hopefully you had a good time!)

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