Depleted’s Global Reach About To Increase…

We are now essentially done with the Contributor contracts that will allow the World of Depleted to become the global movement it is.  (We are about to commence the final testing process to make sure everything is where it needs to be.)  Prepared meticulously by our entertainment lawyer, Paul Battista, these agreements will allow fans from all over the world to submit pieces of the entire Depleted landscape to be used, mixed, and remixed by fans around the world.  The Canonization process will allow everyone to easily know which elements are actually part of the massive world we invision and which ones are not.  (Those that are not, but which are still interesting, will be shown in the Apocrypha section of the website.)  Content creators whose work is Canonized will share in profits any time time their work is used for profit.  As such, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to contribute to Depleted and profit from your involvement…you could be any sort of creative person: photographer, videographer, special effects artist, writer, artist, editor, musician, remixer, whatever.  If you enjoy the World of Depleted, you can find a way to help sculpt it into the truly global, breathing entity that it’s designed to be!  And, for the content that’s truly extraordinary, the Depleted Core team will have special secrets and mysteries that the content contributors can add to their work, so that fans will have additional reasons to be drawn to the different elements that make up this universe!

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  1. Hey, you mentioned a bunch of things on there. I’m a martial artist, could we do fight scenes? not actul films, but fight scenes that might be from films? that would be something I’d like to do if it’s accepted.

  2. Hadn’t thought of that, but definitely. Folks who want the most likelihood of others wishing to use their work, should think of providing some additional angles that could be cut into a larger piece. For example, two people fighting in a forest could be intercut with other footage that’s shot, if a few wide angle shots are included that could be combined by new creators with greenscreen foreground characters, or as matted shots in general. One way that we had been thinking of in this idea was composited special effects that people could create, like explosions and the like. These could be integrated into other elements. Additionally, in that same vein, folks who greenscreen their fight sequences and pre-composed them over an alpha channel would greatly increase the likelihood their work would be used, since the fight could be placed alongside a battle over any background. Interesting, interesting!

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