New Elements to the Depleted world…

We’ve been hard at work on new elements for Depleted, so I thought I’d catch you all up to speed!

After a lot of grueling work, we’ve got most of our special effects completed for Depleted: Day 419. This then allowed us to start to compile the opening teaser trailers for Depleted: Day 419! While we’re not quite ready to release them yet, they will be out shortly!

I also completed work on the Depleted: Blood of the Martyr script, which will run approximately 20 minutes when finally shot.  Jason Frederick Gilbert is going into full pre-production on it and is planning to shoot it at the end of the year!

Yesterday I had a chance to have a G-Chat with ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) guru, Andrea Philips, about the future of Depleted and our own intent to make special content available to our fans through ARG elements.  (She was extremely gracious to take time out of her busy schedule to help us and I really appreciated the perspective she brought to the table due to her experience in the ARG world.)  Obviously, fans of the franchise know that we’ll be unveiling the ability for filmmakers to contribute films to the universe of Depleted, with those that help flesh out the world receiving Canon status and a share of the profits associated with their films.  However, we want to have interactive ways for fans who might not be interested in creating a film or writing a story to get involved.  As such, we are looking at a variety of ARG elements that can allow viewers to find out secrets about the world of Depleted and find out about different factions they might be especially interested in.   Fans who aren’t interested in these elements won’t lose out on the main storyline, but those who want to participate will be able to uncover a lot of the lore and mythos behind some of the major events in Depleted, as well as special ways to get involved!

We’ll have more on that in the near future! In the mean time, you can get some clues about how this may manifest by staying current with the Gavin Hesterdale Journal!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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