New Depleted Updates…

Lots of new stuff happening with the World of Depleted:

  • The new World of Depleted Gear Store is up and functional.  In the near future, there will be a fully interactive portion of the World of Depleted website where fans can directly buy their gear and secrets!  Fans can show their support with the Gavin Hesterdale Was Right! QR Hat or wear some of the Jenna Whitmore Bullet Time design on their T-Shirts! 
  • The most recent Gavin Hesterdale Journals hint at the darkness of Gavin’s past and finally reveal a new and exciting twist to the future!
  • The sound design for Depleted: Day 419 is going very well at Oakwood Sound Design, as Sound Designer John Howard and Composer Steven Vaught work to create a brilliant whole!  Because of the attention to detail on both the audio side of things and the visual fx side of things, the release date for Day 419 will be delayed beyond the original October 31st goal.  While the final release date is not yet known, director Jeremy Hanke is quick to assure us that the extra time will permit them to get in the touches that will make Day 419 the fitting prequel that it needs to be!
  • In the mean time, Depleted creators have been crafting a whole new video chapter that bridges the Gavin Hesterdale Journals (especially the most recent ones) with the core Jenna Whitmore storyline of the features.  Besides giving fans some more clues into the mythology of Depleted, viewers will get a chance to hear one of the songs from the Official Depleted Inspirations Soundtrack.  Folks who spy Sheri Candler’s T-shirt on November 4th and scan in the code will get a chance to check it out first!  (If you’re not able to be at the Loews Hotel, I’m sure one of the other fans will post the picture so you can check it out later!)
  • After lots of questions about what things were especially inspiring to the creators of Depleted, they’ve posted a new Inspirations section of World of Depleted that allows you to read about the different inspirations and link to more information about them!
  • Finally, the work on opening up World of Depleted to all of its fans to help customize and create is nearly complete.  When fully launched, fans will be able to contribute a number of different types of creative content for consideration as Depleted Canon, from full films and novels to voice recordings and photographs.  Canonized content will have the ability to share in profits of any direct sales associated with it! 

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  1. WOW! lots of stuff going on (heading over to the Inspirations section – very awesome idea). And someone better post a picture of the QR Code and post it somewhere 😛 pretty please!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I agree with Docwho on that one! I’m just starting to get into this world, but I’ve been really impressed so far! The Gavin stuff is pretty cool. When are we gonna find out about that Ryan guy?

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