The Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale…

Other half of Catacode...

Other half of Catacode...As the pre-release of Day 419 comes out tomorrow, the Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale occured today.  As predicted, the finale gets to the brink of the Fall and, according to folks in Viking, gives clues which move forward into the Day 419 film.

Still no official word on when or where the next season of the GHJ will pick up, although Viking’s Jeremy Hanke assures us that “it will give many new insights into some of the things hinted at in Gavin’s dreams and in Koskin’s Shards stories.”

For those who haven’t yet read the newest entries, which include Megaton, Jojo Stratton, The Catacode, and the Attacks, don’t miss out at:


The Gavin Hesterdale Journal

Rumors of the Gavin Hesterdale Season Finale…

Dark Dreamer Logo
Dark Dreamer Logo
The Finalized Dark Dreamer Logo was unveiled in a recent issue of the Gavin Hesterdale Journal...

Rumors are circulating that the Gavin Hesterdale Journal is coming to a “Season Finale.”  While nothing has been confirmed, fans have clearly been seeing the escalation as Gavin races to figure out the mysterious catacode!  In the most recent addition, the final Dark Dreamers symbol was unveiled (which, apparently, folks who got a sneak peak of the Day 419 film got briefly exposed to).  Additionally, a mysterious order of warriors known as the Order of the Steel Rood was unveiled and MEGAT0N (the founder of the Post-Apocalyptic Forums) made a return guest appearance. As a final coup, Dark Dreamer Jojo (an undoubted nod to Contributor Jojo Stratton) is credited with being part of the mystery to unravel the the Catacode whih is said to reveal the mystery of the date the Fall begins on.

That things are rising to a climax is undoubted.  If this is indeed a season finale, it seems likely that it will conclude with the riots that Gavin and his Dark Dreamers foretold.  (I have heard rumors that the finale will be day and date with the first of the Day 419 serials, providing a bridge from the conclusion of Gavin’s journal directly into the film itself.)

Where the series may pick up after this event is currently unknown, although World of Depleted Co-Founder Jeremy Hanke has stated, “This is only the beginning of what Gavin Hesterdale will be involved in.”

For those who missed the newest release (“Cloistered Warriors”), you can catch up on it here at:

The Gavin Hesterdale Journal