Day 419 Photoshoot completed…

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The entire cast of main characters from Depleted: Day 419 got their marketing photography done this past weekend by Nathan Eckelbarger in the backwoods of Kentucky. 

Unfortunately, due to a communication error from from Director Jeremy Hanke, while everyone was lathered in sunblock, no one was covered in insect repellant.  As such, everyone got brutalized by insect bites.  Kat Carney got over a hundred bites and Jeremy Hanke, who’s alergic to insect bites, had to take two days to recuperate from the swelling with heavy doses of antihystemines.  Everyone’s up and functional now and the photoshoot turned out well. 

One of the most complex shots was a massive mural-sized poster that was taken involving multiple pictures stitched together around Kat Carney and Eric Henninger’s characters composed of a massive nest of unruly woods.  The finalized photo was a masterful example of photographic technique on the part of Nate Eckelbarger, as well as his wizardry in jigsawing all the pieces together from an organic background in Photoshop.

Updates so far for May…

Depleted Mockup, Poster 1


Depleted Mockup, Poster 1

News for Depleted fans include the casting of the Depleted: Day 419 project, as well as additional folks who are going to be involved with it.

The speaking cast for Depleted:Day 419 is:

Kat Carney as Jenna Whitmore

Tim Smith as Andre

Eric Henninger as Nash Fitch

David Haney as James Rockland

Additionally, we now have a few new folks that are bringing their abilities to the film franchise. Graphic designer Craig McDaniel brings his excellent skills to the table for poster, website, and other forms of graphic design while photographer and DP Nate Eckelbarger is bringing his talents to the table both for the publicity photos and cinematography of Depleted: Day 419. (Both contributed their skills for the included poster, starring Kat Carney.)

Paul Battista from Mind Fusion Law is coming up to provide legal representation for the Depleted project, as their firm has extra specialization in low budget Independent films. In addition to being a talented lawyer, he’s also an accomplished filmmaker. In fact, MFM reviewed his great book on low-budget film producing before choosing to retain his services. Gabe Kinderknecht will be providing brand new highly useful YouTube videos on how to survive an apocalypse like the Fall by showing you how to hunt for food, find water, get edible plants, make knives, make bows and arrows, and what to acquire for guns! Look for those in the near future on the World of Depleted YouTube page.

Additional news includes the fact that survivalists Jay Kerr and