World of Depleted to be official Story Franchise for DarkestGoth Magazine…

DarkestGoth Girl: Natalie Free
DarkestGoth Girl: Natalie Free

We’re extremely excited to announce that World of Depleted has just worked out an arrangement with the group of Dark Dreamers who run DarkestGoth Magazine.  The new online magazine, which is slated to launch next month, is the first magazine to explore the lifestyle of living as a Goth, rather than just passing fads that are popular within that community.  This exploration of the driving forces that lead people to the Gothic lifestyle uncovers a truly insightful community that appreciate the hard reality and explosive creativity found within the World of Depleted!

Folks who’d like to preview the magazine ahead of time can check out the DarkestGoth Blogspot !

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Who are the Dark Dreamers…?

Gavin Hesterdale may have discovered a way to pool resources he never knew he had as an ancient prophecy helps him come one step closer to figuring out the timeline to the end of the world!  However, now he needs your help!  Check out the newest update in the Journal to find out how you can help Gavin and how you can interact with him directly! 

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