Novel completed….

Croc PI Novel Cover
Gray Eyes of Death Cover (featuring Nara Gordon as Jade)

One month ago, the novel was completed and we moved on to the refining process. We are currently 25% through that process for draft 2 and then we’ll be getting it out to beta readers to read it and share their thoughts!

I’m very excited about the prospects of this as I really think we’ve got a strong novel and I look forward to the input from our fans!

If you’re interested in helping us with beta reading, email our affiliates with DarkestGoth Magazine at .

In the mean time, here’s a preview of the official cover image!

2014: Banner Year For World Of Depleted

Nara Gordon as Jade in the WoD Croc Graham Novel: Gray Eyes of Death!
Nara Gordon as Jade in the WoD Croc Graham Novel: Gray Eyes of Death!

A lot of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to here at World of Depleted.  Which is a good question, because it doesn’t look like there have been any posts here in nearly a year!  The reality is, we had to switch hosting servers and it turned into such a pain, that updates were backed off in the process.

Despite outward appearances, we’ve been hard at work on some entirely new content, most notably a brand new novel which tells more about Gavin, Jenna, and the entire gang through the perspective of a deadly private eye in the dark future Imperial city of Barcelona!

We’ve got some rough sample artwork to go up and are in the closing phases of writing the novel, which will eventually be packaged in a collector’s edition along with a lot of the prequel material from Depleted to take things to the next level!

To wet your appetite, I’ve included a photo of model Nara Gordon as the sultry Jade–a mysterious woman who ties into the Gavin story–and a picture of one of the key landmarks in Barcelona–The House of Spikes!


Chez de les Punxes (The House of Spikes)
Chez de les Punxes (The House of Spikes) is the home of the Black Dragon in Gray Eyes of Death