Day 419 Amazon launch celebrated with special Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 Discount!

To celebrate the launch of the Standard Edition of Depleted: Day 419 on Amazon and the impending second season of the Gavin Hesterdale journal, we are now offering the the Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 for 50% off retail pricing for a limited time, which is only $2.50 more than you will pay for the Standard Edition on!

For those who take advantage of this offer, you’ll receive a separate and unique clue from Gavin Hesterdale about his whereabouts and adventures in between seasons one and two. That’s right! Each DVD sold will have a separate clue so, if you buy 20, you’ll have 20 different clues!

Digital Secrets Edition of Day 419 with 50% discount Besides helping to encourage new content from the World of Depleted, you’ll be getting a smorgasboard of great digital extras:

3 Special Uncompressed Tracks from the Soundtrack, including two custom Remasters from Oakwood Sound Design
-The Original Sonic Sketches for Skeletons of Depleted MP3 Collection (these were the actual tracks created by David Todd Singleton that the score was sculpted around, so this gets you into the raw original mindset before the 2012 final CD)
-30 HQ Behind-the-Scenes Day 419 photos suitable for printing and framing (HR .JPG)
-3 High Rez 300 dpi T-Shirt designs (including two designs that are in both color and black and white) that are suitable for reverse printing (HR .JPG)
-10 1600×1200 HR Computer Backgrounds (HR ..JPG)
-Special Flash Video Collection of:

–Early Rough Cut of the Ending
Color Grading Comparisons of key scenes
–4 In-Depth Interviews, including lead actress Kat Carney (Jenna Whitmore), lead actor Eric Henninger (Nash Fitch), and armorer Gabe Kinerknecht.
Gavin Spy Video of Jenna Whitmore Prior to the Fall

Special Writing Collection featuring:

Day 419 Shooting Script (PDF)
–2 “Day of the Attacks” news radio scripts (PDF)
–Full Blood of Martyrs Short Script (PDF)
–The Official Day 419 Novella (both PDF and EPUB, for smart devices)
–The Official Day 419 Epilogue (PDF)

All this for only $17.49!

But hurry, asĀ  the 50% off pricing ends on May 15th, 2012!

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