DVD Proof test…

Before we shipped out the Day 419 DVD from Amazon.com, we wanted to see exactly how the layout would look when it was printed, as this is the best way to make sure your layout is exactly the way you want it.

Our audio people at Oakwood Sound Design had recently discovered a local printer that they were very impressed with called, Quality Duplication.  (I know, the name is not unlike Lexington’s #1 China Buffet.  However, much like the restaurant I just mentioned, we were wise not to discount them due to their name!)  I had a chance to meet with John Hendershot, who runs the company, and he printed up some proofs for us, which were very impressive.  As such, I think we’ll be doing all of our speciality DVDs with him!  (As an added bonus, his rates are incredible on multi-disc sets, which is an area that CreateSpace/Amazon.com have big problems with.)

So, here is the proof test below.  The print looked great and allowed us to find a few  layout errors in our design that were simple to correct once we knew how they’d show up.

DVD Proof Set of Day 419
DVD Proof Set in Sunlit Window

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