Stereo Deluxx Joins the Official Depleted Soundtrack

Stereo Deluxx

Pretty Time Bomb
The Pretty Time Bomb Album was a trendsetter for modern Creative Commons distribution.

Underground band, Stereo Deluxx, has offically come on board for the Official Depleted Soundtrack.  Fronted by Stacey Lux, Stereo Deluxx has a sound that’s been compared to No Doubt and Garbage, and were one of the first bands to experiment with giving out entire professionally created albums to their fans with their cult classic, Pretty Time Bomb.  (Their revolutionary release of the PTB album would predate Nine Inch Nails similar move by over 8 years.)  While we haven’t been told which songs will be on the soundtrack, we have been told that one of the songs will be an unlockable for Contributors before the Soundtrack is available.

More on this as it becomes available!

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  1. Greetings. Hi I’m Jeff from the Philippines. I want to ask if where can I download the albums of Stereo Deluxx, namely “So Clearly” and ” Pretty Time Bomb”? Thanks.


  2. Richie, excellent question! We are actually in the process of revamping and transitioning the website server. As we do so, we’re going to be making sure that folks get some cool stuff…like the Stereo Deluxx music! Additionally, we’re going to have a new character generator where you can edge in some brand new character classes, a new series PI series set in the World of Depleted, and an official crossover with the folks at DarkestGoth Magazine! We really appreciate your patience and I’ll make a note that you’d like the Stereo Deluxx stuff in the transition!

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