World of Depleted Stories to be reprinted by Megaton…

Megaton WebsiteThose of you who’ve been following World of Depleted news know that the Viking team has been working with post-apocalyptic expert, Megaton, to make World of Depleted more compelling and accessible. Known for his Post-Apocalyptic Forum and his massive connections with the post-apocalyptic underground, Megaton has decided that he will be reprinting some of World of Depleted’s Canonized tales in his official story section. World of Depleted contributors and fans are excited about this opportunity to share these tales with a larger community of post-apocalyptic fans!

So far it’s been announced that Jojo Stratton and Fred Koskin’s introductory tales will be reprinted, but it seems likely that any number of World of Depleted tales will show up there, as well.

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